Neighbors ネイバーズ

to support disabled and senior people in Asian countries

Helping friends in Need 在札外国人高齢者と観光客へのサポート

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Announcement of new project to support non-Japanese senior residents in Sapporo and visitors from abroad

We’re going to have a kick-off meeting for the projects above. We invite you to join us for brain storming and some discussion.

Date: December 26th, Friday 18-20:00

Place: Sapporo L-plaza 2F Meeting room

All the discussion will be in English.

Contact: 080-1899-5055 (Michiyo Yoshida)


There are an estimated 20,000 non-Japanese living in Sapporo.  Some native speaker English teachers, now senior citizens, have lived here as long as 40 or more years, having dedicated themselves to English language education for the people of Sapporo.  Some wish to remain in Sapporo for the rest of their lives.  However, they often find it rather difficult to understand and/or don’t have adequate information about the welfare services for senior citizens provided by private enterprises and/or national and local governments such as long-term care insurance or kaigo hoken.  It is our intention to form a group that communicates in English to support these friends.


Moreover, tourists from countries such as China, Korea, Taiwan, and Thailand have been increasing in Sapporo.  Last year we were able to support such a visitor who got sick late at night when the hospital staff could not communicate with the person in English.  For starters, there is a possibility of supporting such cases via phone or Skype.  We would like these visitors to be able to stay in Sapporo comfortably and well with the support of Sapporo residents whose communication skills can be of service to them.

We hope that those reading this announcement will understand our intentions and join the discussions to get the project started.  Basically, discussions would be in English.  If interested, please contact us at  Let’s establish a clear plan and strive to provide needed services for our international friends.





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