Neighbors ネイバーズ

to support disabled and senior people in Asian countries

To be a neighbor 隣人であること

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I visited a 89-year-old mother of my friend’s together with my friend and his two personal assistants. My friend, M is on a wheelchair and he can only move his one finger but has been living independently for 32 years . I wrote a book about him and there is a good documentary film on him, too. That was more than 10 years ago. Around that time, I often visited his parents – his father was a barber and skillful to make things out of reused goods. Actually the house itself is built mostly by him. But he died and the mother was left. She had sore knees and hardly moved around, but tried to make us comfortable. We found, though, that it would be better for her to see the doctor for her knees and try to persuade her to join a day-care-program. The self built house is dark all day and we saw a leaky ceiling from snow here and there. My frined M is much worried about her.  I hope we should try to make this mother’s life a bit comfortable, then we ccan call this group ‘Neighbors’.  (photo taken but I cannot put in here bbecause of her privacy)



Written by asianneighbors

April 30, 2014 at 2:35 am

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