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Christmas cards to Leyte レイテ島にクリスマスカードを送ろう

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Let’s send Christmas cards to children in Leyte

The biggest ever typhoon hit central Philippines a week ago and some 1.5 million people lost their houses and they are in need of water and food supplies. I received an e-mail from my friend Ms. Potsky Guerrero who is a Psychologist at the Department of Social Welfare & Development in Manila. She is a specialist to face and give comfort and advice to the children who are the victims of accidents, crime cases and disasters. She wrote; Philippines is a Catholic country and Christmas is the biggest festive season. Please write Christmas cards to the children in Leyte, and I will deliver them.

Please be cooperative and write cards to them.

  • Any numbers of cards accepted, hand-made or ready made (no envelope needed)
  • Please write your name and message if possible.
  • Due date of accepting cards: December 10, Tuesday  (They will be sent by EMS to Potsky in Manila)
  • Send or bring cards to : ‘ Neighbors’ Booth No.6 L-plaza N8W3, Kita-ku
  • Inquiry  Michiyo Yoshida 080-1899-5055



カード: 枚数は何枚でもよいです。手作りでも既成のものでもけっこうです。封筒はなくてもよいです。

内容: To my friend という宛名にして Merry Christmas と書いてください。最後に From your friend


期限: 12/10(火) この後、整理して国際スピード郵便(EMS)でマニラのゲレロさんに送ります。

送り先(届け先): 札幌市北区北8条西3丁目エルプラザブースNo.6 ネイバーズ

連絡先: 吉田三千代 080-1899-5055


Written by asianneighbors

November 16, 2013 at 4:20 am

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