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My Experience in India – 2

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We did performances in different situation, but the most impressive one was the last one with Aadima in Karnataka. We arrived the theater at dusk so we couldn’t see the outside well, but it was located on the very rocky hill near to the top.

‘Aadima arose out of the Dalit Movement in Karnataka as an open space for radical experimentation in childrens’s theatre, education, caste consciousness and research into cultural politics and history.’ (facebook)

Dalits people have been suffering from  social hierarchy, restriction in housing, education, and access to social services. Many of them are still facing dificilties in every-day lives. But they are trying to stand on their own, and one of the examples is organizing ‘Aadima’ and building a beautiful stage with their own money. Even very poor people tried hard to donate money from their precious daily earnings to build it. And they now have some children and young people living there or nearby village to perform their own stories.

At this beautiful place with stones, the performance of Aadima’s kids and young ones came first. Their costumes were hand-made, so as Rnbyoshi’s. And they played the drums and danced, which is also the same. And senior members sang folk songs that we hadn’t heard before, but it sounded somehow familiar to me.

Aadima people are good at making drums, and after the performance of ‘Ranbyoshi’, they presented a beautiful drum to Tachan, the head of the group. After we came back to Japan,most of us would like to go back to India, but where to? Everyone said ‘To Aadima’.




Aadima Theatre located

Aadima Theatre located



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October 21, 2013 at 5:37 am

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