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My experience in India – 1 インドでの体験 1

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I was in India for three weeks with the Japanese taiko group called ‘Ranbyoshi’. Their performances were very well received in Bangalore, Hubli, Mysore, Sakhleshpur in different sutuations. At schools they did some workshops where the students could play ‘taiko’ themselves and learned the chants.

We were invited by Dr. Janaki Natarajan who serves as a teacher-trainer at Bapagrama Educational Centre, a school dedicated to Dalit children. It was in a beautiful location and we were given good vegitarian meals which everyone enjoyed. Though she is over 70, she continues working in colleges in USA to support this place.

IMG_9351I was most impressed with Janaki who tries to listen to people in any caste and to deal their problems equally.Here’s one example. On the peace day (August 6th – Hiroshima A-bomb memorial day) ‘Ranbyoshi’ performed for students from nearby schools including Bapagrama school. Before the performance started the students sat on the ground waiting, then the students from the rich families  who arrived late went to the benches to sit. The benches were set for the elder people or guests.

Janaki immediately noticed that and  made them sit on the ground. She talked something in the local language: I suppose she said that all the people are equal and we are all here to listen to the music which conveys peace from Japan. After that every student enjoyed the performance and their faces showed that they  were having a good time.2013-4261





Written by asianneighbors

September 17, 2013 at 1:04 am

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