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‘Atomic Mom’ shown in 5 cities アトミックマム上映会終了

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Thanks to the organizers in 4 different cities, Kushiro, Obihiro, Hakodate and Onuma showings were well received and the final showing in Sapporo on July 20th was very successful with 351 people watching and listening to M.T. Sylvia’s talk keenly. The film was excellent and moving, and there were so many new facts found on the screen.

The director M.T. arrived in 12th of July and stayed for 10 days. Her schedule was full in spite of her back pain. But she walked in the morning and gradually got better and she was welcomed all over Hokkaido. She is very sincere and honest person.

In Sapporo we organized a committee to support Neighbors and some young students tried their best in every way, so as the seniors. I’m sure that M.T. enjoyed Hokkaido and she promised us to come back again.




IMG_9488Otsukare-sama deshita - With Atomic Mom Screening in Sapporo Staff Members


Written by asianneighbors

July 24, 2013 at 1:14 am

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