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Bali survey バリの調査

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Mr. Noboru Mimasu (maintenance of wheelchairs), Taizo Yoshida (maintenance and record keeping) and I visited Bali for 10 days in February sponsored by Hokkaido JICA. Most of the time we stayed at Senang Hati Foundation, which was founded by Bali disabled persons in 2001. This visit was the 4th for me. The place is always relaxing and people are very friendly. This time, though, we had to make a thorough survey to discover if we could cooperate with them in economically feasible projects through JICA for the maintenance and fitting of wheelchairs. There are still things to clarify for both sides, but we believe we will try to learn from each other and go forward. I was very impressed by their meetings which were run in a democratic way – everybody speaks!

We met a girl who has muscular dystrophy, spending all her time at home. She can speak English and writes poems. In Sapporo I have a friend with the same disease who is very active in organizing the foundation and travels all over. I hope to support her by giving her a proper wheelchair to move around and enjoy life a little more. She is still  only 16.

We will go to the next step for establishing more sustainable assistance, which I believe possible in the long run.




very eager to learn

very eager to learn

She can sit for 2 hours daily and eats on this table alone.

She can sit for 2 hours daily and eats on this table alone.


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March 17, 2013 at 12:53 am

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