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Potatoes to Fukushima 福島へいもが届く

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We have potato pancakes for snack.

In succession to last year, we delivered potatoes and pumpkins to people in Fukushima. This year the products were offered from ‘ Koganet’ , ‘Ishida Farm’ , and  ‘Tsubasa Ouendan’. We sent the potatoes to child care center in Koriyama-city, Eiko Kindergarten in Sukagawa-city and temporary houses in Nihonmatsu-city. Total weight was 1500kg!

It has past more than a year and a half and the word ‘restoration’ is widely spread, but there are many people in Fukushima still have to difficulties. We’re happy to see the smiling faces of the children and receive ‘thank you’ letters.

Here’ one of the letters; Thank you for sending potatoes. I made miso-soup with them. They were very delicious. I have never thought that I would be involved in this human-made accident. It has a year and seven months passed since the evacuation. We are stressful, but we don’t get defeated. We will go forward. I’m grateful your kindness.

mothers in Koriyama-city

昨年に引き続き今年もいもとかぼちゃを福島にお届けしました。「こがねっと」さん、「石田ファーム」さん、「つばさ応援団」からのいもやかぼちゃ1500kgです。受け取りは、郡山市の子ども支援団体、須賀川市の幼稚園、二本松市の仮設住宅のみなさんです。 とてもよろこんでいただき、お手紙もいただきました。「先日は馬鈴薯をお送りくださいましてありがとうございました。味噌汁に入れれいただきました。とてもおいしかったです。自分たちが原発人災事故に遭遇するとは夢にも思いませんでした。避難生活も1年7か月を過ぎました。被災した私たちはみじめです。でも、負けません。前進のみです。心から感謝します。」


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November 2, 2012 at 9:00 am

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