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Kenya Talk Session ケニアの今を知る 報告

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More than 20 people listened eagerly to Bobbie who came from Kenya to talk about ‘Kenya Now’. He is a Secretary of Moyo Children Center in Kenya and a layer who wrote a draft for the new Constitution in force in 2010. He made a stress that Kenya is now at an important turning point. Although the new Constituion was approved by the majority of people, the election, plannned to be in next March, is the key.  Usually at election occasions some violence came along and corruption followed. He hopes that the election this time will be clean and fair. He has a charming character and a gift that he can eat anything! Natto, kimuchi, wasabi, any raw fish and shochu. We enjoyed having Japanese dishes with him.

Also there was a short talk by Terumi Matsushita who is a Director of Moyo Children Center that takes care of street children, giving a shelter, encouraging them to go to schools and funding scholarships. She started Moyo 17 years ago and she has guts to survive in that region. Many accidents happend: robbery, missing children and fire etc. But she is sure to be with children’s side all the time, that leads Moyo’s activities more impresssive.










Written by asianneighbors

April 28, 2012 at 2:13 am

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