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Kenya Now  ケニアの今を知る

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Ms. Matsushita, Director of Moyo Children Center in Kenya and Mr. Bobbie Mukangi, layer and one of the committee members to write Constitution of Kenya will visit Sapporo and talk.

Date: April 19th, Thursday 19:00-21:00

Place: Ethnic restaurant ‘Mintaru’(N14W3) 011-756-3600

Lecture 1‘17 years with children in Africa’ by Ms. Matsushita

Lecture 2 ‘Kenya Now’ by Bobbie Mukangi

Fee: 1200 yen (with one drink)

Sponsored by Neighbors(

Information:  FAX011-612-3021


 日時: 4月19日(木) 19~21時

 場所:みんたる(北区北14条西3丁目) 011-756-3600

 内容:講演1 「アフリカで17年、子どもたちと共に」 松下照美

    講演2 「ケニアの今」 ボビー・ムカンギ (通訳あり)


 主催:ネイバーズ (

 申し込み:  FAX 011-612-3021




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April 1, 2012 at 4:01 am

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