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Premiere – great success 初上映会大成功

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The first show of ‘Ordinary Life’ was held on March 28th at 15:00 and 19:00. More than 380 audience were there and it was well received.  We had a guest from Fukushima, Ms. Mirei Suzuki, who appeared on the film and she mentioned that the adults have a big responsibilities to the children in Fukushima. The music sound  was composed by Haruhiko Saga and he played some music from the movie.

Here are some comments from the audience. ‘Thanks for recording this precious movie’ ‘ No nukes, I determined that.’ ‘People remaining in Fukushima have agonies and pains that we have to support”We shouldn’t forget people in Fukushima’ ‘It was a very quiet movie. I learned that there are ways to protest not by screaming’ ‘It is our own problem, not theirs in Fukushima’ ‘Children should leave Fukushima now, but if it’s not possible we will keep receiveing them during vacations’ ‘It comes down deeply to my heart’ ‘ There are so many clues in the interview that we have to listen to’ ‘Quiet but strong message’ ‘We have to keep informing the right information’ ‘We must speak up’ ‘The truth exsits not in the newspaper nor TV’ ‘I hope nothing will happen to the children in the movie’ ‘As the kindergarten master said, no revive but new born is necessary for Fukushima – but it seems difficult’




Written by asianneighbors

March 31, 2012 at 2:24 am

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