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Talk session, after 3.11 Hokkkaido トークセッション「3.11後の北海道」

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Reina's painting in the lobby

I joined the talk session on January 7th at Kaderu2・7 because one of the panelists was my elder daughter, Yukiko Anzai. From Kobe, Ms. Reina Masuyama, artist, came over and Ms. Naoko Takato helping Iraqi people was also a main speaker.  Reina pointed out that the rate of  Japanese children’s death by cancer  corresponds to the tests of thermonuclear or atomic bombs. After 3.11 many strange sickness were found even in Tokyo areas. Ms. Takato told us that about 30,000 children in Iraq are waiting to have operations, and showed photos on different cases of disabilities they have.  Those pictures were rather shocking ones. Ms. Takato also went to Fukushima to do volunteer works and found out not only young ones but senior people got sick or died suddenly after 3.11.

My daughter, Yukiko was an ordinary mother and an organic farmer until 3.11, but after that she became an activist against Tomari Nuclear Power Plants, as their farm is located only 30km away. It’s hard to be active while she has to take care of children and deliver eggs and vegetables to Sapporo, but she is trying her best.



four panelists


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January 9, 2012 at 10:33 am

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