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How eager they were! 参加者の熱意

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lively discussion till later

Our 2nd session for the Let’s Talk program was held on December 3rd, Saturday at the Information Center in Sapporo L-plaza. Dr. Yugo Ono, Professor Emeritus of Hokkaido Univ. started his lecture on Tomari Nuclear Power Plant, which is only 60 km from Sapporo, a similar distance from Fukushima No.1 Plant to Fukushima City where some highly polluted areas were found. Dr. Ono clearly pointed out the possible dangers and he mentioned about the lawsuit to stop the Tomari Plants.  His points of view were not only from  expert knowledge but from his long experience in many other fields.

That day we had four people who were evacuated from Fukushima to Sapporo as guest speakers in the latter part. Mr. Watanabe, Web design office owner pointed out from March till June nothing had been done to reduce radioactive exposures to children and that this was much worse than the case at Chernobyl.  Ms. Shishido started a community organization for people from Fukushima living in Atsubetsu-ku, Sapporo. There were different types of problems almost everyday there. On the 2nd of December, she spoke up about the reality and difficulty  at the Lower House in Tokyo. She, though, is sometimes called a betrayer in Fukushima. Mr. Ueno engaged in measuring radiation of the soil and vegetables in Fukushima and told us how polluted the vegetables are in the area. He mentioned that there will be a measuring machine ordered in Sapporo, and he will be happy to use his knowledge.  Ms. Ohnuki is trying to set up a NPO to send safe vegetables to people in Fukushima.


After their short speeches, we had a discussion and it went on and on until finally finishing at 5:30pm, one and a half hours longer than it was expected. The non-Japanese participants were so eager to speak up, share  their opinions, and ask questions. They really got interested in the matter.  Everyone said it is critical that we spread the news to the world in many different ways. Some will use Twitter or Facebook, some will tell their community, and others will start talking to friends. Whatever the way, it is necessary to be aware of the problems of Fukushima and try to raise our voices so that the children don’t get sick as they did in Chernobyl.

‘Neighbors’ was asked to keep having meetings like this from everyone attending, and we think we will have another meeting both for Non-Japanese and Japanese in the near future. We can do it and we will do it.

We are  grateful to the participants and volunteers who joined these two programs. And especially we are thankful for subsidy which Sapporo International Plaza offered.

12/3(土)、札幌エルプラザ情報センターで、2回目のLet’s talk が開かれた。最初は北大名誉教授の小野有五先生による「泊原発」のお話。札幌は泊原発から60km。これは福島市や郡山市からの距離と同じで、ホットスポットなども出ている現在、危険な場所であること。自らが共同代表として「泊原発の廃炉をめざす会」(で行っている訴訟の件についてのお話があった。自分たちの近くにある原発の事実(特にプルサーマルの怖さ)に、外国の人たちは驚き、行動を開始しようと話していた。






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December 12, 2011 at 2:16 pm

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