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Let’s talk about (Part 1)

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Dr. Joh and eager audience

It was a very good meeting. The numbers attended were only about 15 people from the Phillipines, Nepal and the USA, but we learned a lot from the two lecturers’ talks. Dr. Osamu Joh showed us how we should act when we have an earthquake. Surprisingly Japan is  a country that earthquakes often attack. For people who came from a country with no earthquakes, Dr. Joh’s advice was very useful, I think. He also showed us many examples of Japanese houses and earthquake-resistant  buildings as well – that was also very interesting. He is one of the best producers of Power Point presentations and no one gets sleepy with his lecture.
After the break, we had a lecture by Mr. Kawahara who is a high school teacher and has been doing lectures on ‘Fukushima and Nuclear Power Plants’ more than 50 times to citizens. He is not professional but his explanation was easy to understand. Neighbors translated his Power Point document into English and saved it. If anybody would like to see it, you can tell us.
There were many questions from  mothers this time and some people were angry at the attitude of the Government, hiding  the truth from the people in Fukushima so children got exposure of radiation in March and April. I was especially happy to hear that those mothers would like to learn more and hope to have more of these kinds of opportunities. Yes, we will. We will have a 2nd session on December 3rd.

Mr. Kawahara is explaining to us.

いずれにしても、勉強会をぜひ続けてほしいという声が多かったのはとてもうれしいことでした。ぜひそうできるようにします。12/3には第2回目のLet’s talkがあります。


Written by getchanjp

November 26, 2011 at 1:28 am

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