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Fukushima after 6 months Part 2 People from Fukushima in Sapporo

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We met many mothers and fathers who worried about their children. Some of them already sent children out of Fukushima and they remained in because of their works. Most of the leaders of the groups which try to make children escape from Fukushima, to raise the voice against the Government food policies,  and to give information from Fukushima, are fathers themselves. One of them, Mr. Shida works especially for children getting out of Fukushima to other prefectures. His families are now in Okayama Prefecture and he is thinking to join them in April. Other leaders also think of leaving Fukushima in the near future.

A man clearing radiation 除染中

‘There must be something I can do from outside’, Mr. Shida said. Yes, I agree. The numbers of evacuee was once 130,000 people after the explosion of the Fukushima Nuclear Plants but now maybe about 20,000 are out of Fukushima. Here in Sapporo, Hokkaido there are about  600 people living or staying temporarily.

I belong to the group called ‘Musubiba’ which was organized in the end of March by NPO/NGO and citizens of Sapporo. ‘Musubiba’ helps people who came to Sapporo by carrying their needy things to their own homes, listening to their problems and now trying to set up child-care system. Most of the evacuee are mothers with small children while fathers stay in Fukushima. They need money to support their own life and also it is better to work with local people for further communication.

Mr. Ueno who will be a Sapporo citizen

In summer there were more than 10 groups supporting children with/without mothers or fathers to stay in Hokkaido. It is good for children to stay even for a while in clean environment and enjoy themselves. Luckily I interviewed one father who could find a job in Sapporo and starts a new life with the family this month. He went to job-hunting during his stay in Hokkaido and succeeded. It might be a very lucky case, but I do hope that there will be more and more families coming to stay in Sapporo.





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October 10, 2011 at 8:02 am

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