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Vegetables to Fukushima 福島へ野菜を

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When I visited Fukushima I met many mothers who worry about the health of their children.  Mr. Sato, Govenor of Fukushima says that vegetables in Fukushima are safe to eat as it clears the standard of Japanese Government for containing cecium. But the standard is 10 times higher than that in USA  for example.  Mothers don’t believe that, but in the supermarket almost all the vegetables are produced in Fukushima.

Is it really safe fro children to eat them, I wonder.  I was lucky to get some information for free potatoes that can be sent to devastated areas including Fukushima.  I was also introduced to the farm in Ishikari that will kindly offer carrots and other vegetables to Fukushima in the end of October. Those actions will be a great help to worried mothers in Fukushima.

Mr. Sato's declaration of safety in every vegetables

I’d like to ask you to donate some money for carriage. Not much money is needed, but it will help mothers of Fukushima directly.  Please donate some into our bank account as written in volunteers & members.



少量であっても、おかあさんたちの気持ちが和らげるだろうと思います。送料にあたるカンパの依頼をさせていただいています。このウェブのvolunteer & menbersにある、ゆうちょ銀行に送料をカンパいただければ幸いです。よろしくお願いいたします。


Written by asianneighbors

September 27, 2011 at 1:13 pm

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