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Fukushima after 6 months Part 1, 6か月後の福島 その1

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rice field, harvest season coming

My husband and I visited Fukushima again from September 7th. We wanted to be there on 9.11 after six months of the disaster. When we visited in April and May people didn’t have much information because the Government hid it. Only a few people with knowledge on nuculear left Fukushima or sent children and women out of the prefecture.

After that time the Government and media released some news, which made people more terrified and some people left Fukushima. Those people seemed to have connections outside of Fukushima or had enough money to start new living.  Also some worried mothers left Fukushima with children. In this case fathers usually stay in Fukushima to support the family, but it is an unusual way being a family and some families now face domestic problems.

This time I interviewed people and took some notes, while my husband was taking video. My notebook is filled with cries of people and I’d like to introduce some voices.

A mother with children (6 & 4 years old) living with husband and grandmother and parents on father’s side, Ms. I has decided to stay in Koriyama-city. In the beginning she tried to gather information and bought safe vegetables only for children, but now she doesn’t want to hear the bad side of the effects from the nuclear power plants. Her parents-in-law grow vegetables and Ms. I washes them well and tells children that fresh vegetables give them immunity against radiation.

She lets children play outside for 30 minutes and send them to take a bath straight after that. She didn’t take children to doctors so often before, but now she takes them even for a headache or eczema. She notices that she is very nervous about children’s health. Four-year-old boy asked if he could live longer, 6 year-old girl said, taking ice cream lid, that now the lid becomes doubled to protect radiation. She only cried alone in bed at night.

She went to Shizuoka Prefecture for 10 days in summer to be away from radiation, but there she felt very lonely and thought that she needs connection with people in the area, and also children kept asking about their friends back home. Then she decided to stay home. Now she tries to keep her family cheer up by renting comedies and watch them together. She believes that laughter would cure anything. She used do go to lectures of specialists who tell people danger of radiation, but now she only goes to the lectures to cheer up people.

‘There is some complexed feeling inside me which I have nowhere to put out, but once decided I have to stay here. I have an elder person to take care of and how can we just think ofour own family?’ , she concluded.








Ms. I  


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September 19, 2011 at 5:05 am

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