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No toilet in the rural area いなかにはトイレがない

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We have known Kupukupu foundation which operates  day-care centers for disabled people in Ubud and Bangli. It was started in 1998 by Begonia, an active Spanish lady. They have lots of projects and we knew that ‘toilet project’ was one of them. This time we visited Bangli center and learned that 83 families out of 200 registered disabled families had no toilet at home.

We visited Wayang’s home 10 minutes away from the town by motorbike. The house was surrounded by tall trees. 15 year-old Wayang has cerebral palsy and doesn’t speak, but we could see parents love hime very much. His father grows fruit and he treated us with his precious durian.

They excrete somewhere at the back of the house and wash bodies at the nearby river or with water taken from the river. In this hot climate ‘mandi'(bathing) is necessary and usually in Bali the house has a toilet with a big plastic water bucket which can be used both  for flushing  and  bathing.  It is important especially for disabled people to have toilet at home because of sanitary reasons.  We would like to make a simple toilet for Wayang and his family.

Wayang and family             



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September 5, 2011 at 2:49 pm

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