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Study Tour to Bali, Part 2

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Yuko on side car

This is my third trip to Bali. These three years I stayed in Bali about two weeks in summer, and got to know quite a lot of people. Mr. Tsuji, who is totally blind but always helps us organize tours. He has been living in Indonesia more than 15 years and feels comfortable to live in Sanur, Bali. Mr. Mitsumori in Ubud is also an outstanding person who has a small villa where guests can stay and enjoy the countrylife. In the study tour I introduced them to Yuko and Ayumi and they learned about two men’s unique experiences.

We visited ‘Senang Hati’ in Tampaksirng for one day. I have known this NPO for the disabled themselves since it started. From Go!Fly!Wheelchairs( we have kept sending wheelchairs to them. Their facility is a former elemantary school building with a very open atmosphere.

On the study tour, we handed wheelchairs to four women who all said that they can be more active with their own wheelchairs. They have used very old wheelchairs or shared wheelchairs.

After looking around  rooms for learning elementary-level class, computer training, beauty care and hotel management, we left for visiting Tiltha Emple (sacred fountain temple found in 962) to bathe in the water to refresh ourselves. Senang Hati has motorcycle with side cars for sightseeing and we rode on that. Drivers were disabled men, but their driving was safe and confident.
In Ubud we visited ‘Sutha Darma Elemantary School’, because Ayumi is an elementary school teacher and wanted to start an exchange. Ayumi taught 40 minutes there, telling about her class in Obira, reading stories, and introducing easy games to 3rd graders. Ayumi handed out drawings to them and in return Sutha Darma pupils gave her drawings.

Ayumi in class

four recipients






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