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Study Tour 2011 to Bali and Yogjakarta, Part 1

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The 1st study tour by Neighbors was to visit Bali to hand out wheelchairs and communicate with disabled people, to make a cultural exchange with an elementary school, and to enjoy the views of Bali and Yogjakarta. There were supposed to be more participants (including a man on a wheelchair), but finally we were only four in a group. I have had a good relation with the disabled organization called ‘Senang Hati’ (Happy Heart), so we enjoyed riding a motorbike with a side-car which was driven by the disabled to visit the temple for praying in the water. And at an elementary school one participant,  Ayumi had an opportunity to teach in the class which my friends made arrangements. She is an elementary school teacher in Obira near Rumoi. Ayumi handed out some drawing pictures to the 3rd grade students and in return she got drawings by the studenst, that will be a good start of exchanging cultures. Other participant Yuko has worked with the disabled for a long time and she introduced her workplace at Senang Hati and they gave her DVD in which their activities of studying, job-training, sports and culture are recorded.

Neighbors tour is hand-made and we try to arrange what participants want to do. We are hoping to make the 2nd tour as well next year. Anybody can join and enjoy the different culture. Please join us.

Borobudur Temple



Written by asianneighbors

August 16, 2011 at 4:15 am

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