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Seoul was soulful ソウルにはガッツがあった

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We visited Korea for 5 days. Main target for me was to meet people of Hanboet, organization for the disabled in Seoul. As usual we brought three wheelchairs with us. I was in Seoul twice before, but didn’t see much of the city so this time we spent time mostly for sightseeing.  We visited palaces, fortress, new and old towns, markets and museums.  I noticed and regretted how poor my knowledge on our neighbor country was. They have splendid traditions, some of which are still inherited and shown to visitors.

In every city I check toilets for the disabled as well as access to traffic. In Korea toilets are very clean and well maintained. There are many subway lines and  new ones have elevators, but usually they have machines to go up and down by the stairs for wheelchair users.  And happily we met quite  a few wheelchair users in the town.

I was also impressed with the strong power of students who had a demonstration near the city hall. It represents the power of people, I assume. Actually after 3.11 many organizations in Korea made a condolence statement on the disaster and showed their concern about Fukushima Nuclear Power Plants on March 15th. That was a quick response.

We also enjoyed outdoor performance of  Gugak, the traditional music in Korea. The traditional one may be too difficult for us to understand and enjoy, but this conert was more creative and modern version using traditional instruments. Therefore we could enjoy the music and beautiful singers free of charge.






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June 12, 2011 at 8:41 am

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