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Big Palette (大避難所ビッグパレット)by Michiyo

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I joined Zo-san in Koriyama and worked as a volunteer in a big shelter, ‘Big Palette’. It looked like a refugee camp with 1600 people living together. It was a open space but now there are divisions made by clothes — still no privacy at all. There are bathing places organized by the Self Defense Forces and almost everyday there are some shows or music to comfort the people. I sorted out clothes one day and the next day I taught English to high school boys. They are from Tomioka-cho where the Nuclear Power Plants stand. They were told from elementary school age  that the plants were very safe, they said. 


Nerimano-yu bath


Written by asianneighbors

May 2, 2011 at 6:30 am

Posted in Fukushima

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