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Delivered to Sendai (福祉車輛仙台へ)

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The welfare car was delivered to AAR office in Sendai on 16th of April by ferry from Tomakomai to Akita, and 300km drive from Akita to Sendai. Cherry blossom was in full bloom in Sendai. At AAR office we taught the staff how to use the equipment for a  lift. Everyday they deliver some goods to various shelters and schools. We bought quite a lot of food in Sapporo, including fresh spinich to fill up the van. Actually the load was very heavy so 80km was the maximum speed on the freeway. There was no vacancy in the hotel or ryokan in Sendai, so we had to drive 30 km away to spend the night.

AAR staff on training



Written by asianneighbors

April 19, 2011 at 6:26 am

Posted in Fukushima

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